Two chess games continue,This problem is ready。

Five p.m,Originally, the gray sky was even dim.,Red green light in the crossroads,Put the umbrella of each color in front of each other,Like flowing rainbow。
Before the window of a dessert shop,White dream, look, look at rainy days。
“Do one month,Today is a few?。”She asked。
“Don’t ask,How do you ask again?,Today is5moon5No,Is the last day of the holiday,Will n’t suddenly fall a day because of your resentment。”Deputy President sits opposite white dreams,Put a small fork,Eat a black forest cake。
“Last day,As a result, I saw the face of Guang Jun.”
“Type of schedule,I have heard the ear from this sentence.。”Deputy President made a heavy yawn,Quite leisurely。
“This golden week,Obviously, I have a good opportunity to take the opportunity between my light.,The result did not happen to end this,My pain,Can you understand??”White dream eyes look at each other,A little bit of the suspect。
“I really don’t understand it.。”The deputy president made a full,There is room for you to say,“Do not describe,That is, I can give you so white.。”
Bai Dream, a little, on the table,“White”this phrase,Like one5tThe small iron pier smashed in the brain。
Recently,Deputy President often uses this word to describe the white dream。
“I am not counting his Raiders object.,I think carefully.,He has only stayed in this title for me so far.,My idea,Also stayed in the community hero,New star in the future,And an ordinary friend level,I am not like you.,I am inexplicable.。”
Under the ruthless vomiting of the deputy president,Bai Dream is finally can’t help but,Shout:“Conclude,All is the fault of Qingdao deer!”
Deputy President,Besides:“This, I think this is not much related to others.。”
Chapter 25 · This woman is too high.!
“Do not,It is the fault of Qingdao Deer.,If not she suddenly leaves,Guangjun will not suddenly want to do things that don’t do it in some holidays.,People sitting in this shop will not only have two.!”Bai Dream is not convinced。
“All right,Her fault is wrong,Eating a piece of cake,Just as this golden week’s holiday is the last spray。”Deputy President pushed a fragrant white chocolate cake to each other。
No girl can refuse delicious sweets,Especially when you don’t have to pay yourself。
Be right,This is the deputy authority.,Just a holiday with an invisible。
“Really,Then I am welcome, etc.,I have already eaten a piece yesterday.,I have set up the regulations.,I can only eat a cake a week.,Otherwise, it will be fat.。”Bai Dream is very self-cultivated.。
“Yes,Then I also eat this.,Taier。”The deputy president has not finished eating in the black forest cake.,Come on the white chocolate cake。
“Hey!You eat so many cakes this day.,Iron will be fat,Don’t your figure??”
“Can I not you?,No strange monster love appeal,Of course, I want to eat.,I want to drink it.。”The deputy president continued to hid a cake.,Delicious。
“Vicious woman”White dream bites handkerchief,Straight hook staring at each other。
“I will give you a closer to summarize it.,I found that you are in the face of Qingdao deer.。”Deputy President calm analysis。
“That kind of little girl,Is it really qualified to be my competitor??”White dream is calmly leaning on the chair,The long leg will be a chair.。
Deputy Great Mi Mi, a high sugar concentration carbonated drink,I don’t have the tone that I don’t have to say.:“Well,If you just want to talk to Koho to talk about love,Then you seem to have no problem.,But if you want to go to the last level,Winning the end of the marriage of this ultimate victory,With now you can rest。”
“Eh?I can win love,But can’t win marriage??”
“This kind of thing,I want to think about the next development.,High school graduation,You are going to learn,And the science is to become an occupational chess.,It is expected that there will be great achievements.,And Qingdao deer, not only peers,It is also very likely that door-to-door,You want to win in such a difficulty in such hell,I feel so difficult.。”
Be said to be said,White dream is also difficult,Whisper:“There is no romantic ending.,You look,Is there often a common comic?,The two status differences have a lot of people finally walked together.”
“You also know that comics.,Comic routine is to arrange a protagonist that allows readers to resonate.,Then let the protagonist to do things that are often impossible to encounter,Means of,What we are often not learned from the comics?,Instead, I don’t do anything.。”
“That’s now!”
“What,I think about it first.,You prepare a little book。”
“Uh-huh,and then?”
“More to write some names of Yanyue Ischi,Remember to write red ink,And try to write scribbled twisted,Create a horrible feeling。” “This is the practice of defeat dogs.!Do not,The loser dog is not as good as it.!”
“That,Let’s buy a small grass man.,Photo of Zhangqing Island deer above”
“I understand,Well, you are coming, I’m going to find me.。”
“Then I will mention it.”Deputy President got joke,Beginning。