I just want to hold you.,Then I went to Su Dado to see it.,After all, the situation there seems to be not so optimistic.。”

Feeling that Li Hui’s style is really holding himself,There is no other small action,Xu Ruzhen is also loose。
At the same time, it is also a well-behaved turning over.。
http://www.feiyuehx.cn Talking for a long time,Li Hui’s reluctant from being drilled out,Then I made a few dishes for Xu Ru. I went to a red dating porridge.。
Xu Ru wore sexy pajamas and looked at Li Hui Feng far away.,The corner of the mouth is also a sweet smile.。
Immediately, you can’t take it.,Sitting directly in the restaurant to eat。
First mouth,She was surprised by Li Hui’s cooking.。
I used to have a meal made by Li Hui Feng.,But there is absolutely no one can have such a delicious thing today.。
Even her feel better than the chef in the hotel.。
Especially the red jujube porridge,After adding 枸杞, there is a stuffed taste in which,But that taste is a favorite。
After dinner,Xu Ruzhen washed again,It is also directly moving towards the hotel.。
When I came to the hotel,The waiter’s little girl around him also saw Xu Ruzhen’http://www.networkmarket.cns different time.。
The red light feeling,As if the wilted sapling is watering。
Is good,The kind of unparalleled charm makes many men。
Xu Ruzhen also saw a few little girls looking at her eyes.,Don’t ask:“what happened?
I have a flower on my face.?”
“no,Sister,You know yourself with the mirror.,You are so beautiful today.,Previously your face was white.,But today is white and red.,Let people can’t help but want to bite a bite。”
I heard the little girl.,Xu Ru is instantly understanding what is going on。
A beautiful appetitious face is also a lot of red。
At the same time, it is gently got a way.:“I have learned a little girl, I also learned the man’s set.,If you let me find you,Seeing that I am not good, clean you.。”
Although Xu Ru is in the mouth,But the employees in the store understand Xu Ru Wei is http://www.huaxinmf.cn a good boss.,What will I do if I don’t do it?,The most is a joke with them.。
Xu Ru returned to the office photo with a mirror,I found some red light feeling.。
And the mental state is also much better than before.。
I thought that I was tossing with Li with Li.,I didn’t expect not only not exhausted but the spirit,Her heart is not a good thing to feel more and more with Li Hui’s good。
After leaving Xu Ru,Li Hui is directly to find Su Qing and Jin Mingwu.。
Seeing Li Hui’s arrival,Su Chang and Jin Mingwu are laughing and not to speak。
According to the truth, Yesterday, Li took the wind.,But today only,Needless to say, Li Hui didn’t do what happened last night.。
“Lee brother,Sure enough, the young is very good.,I thought you would come to tomorrow to come to us.!”
“Hey-hey,Golden brother,Don’t laugh, I am.,However, this is really good in this regard.。”
Li Hui said with the wind.,Also sitting on the window,Looking at the situation opposite the drunken fairy。