Who is Chu Yi?

This is even“Long brother”People who have to be treated respectfully!
And now?He was almost threatened by his little brother Huang Mao pointing his nose!
Brother Dao shouted angrily,Rushed into the box。
Du Wei、Huang Mao et al,Naturally, I don’t know why Brother Dao is angry。They thought,What Chu Yi said,Make Brother Dao not like to listen;and so,Brother Dao will be furious。
“Brother Dao is here!”
“Brother knife,Just a small character,Just let Huang Mao come!You don’t have to do it yourself!”
Brother Dao completely ignored what a few people said,Rushed straight to Huang Mao’s body,Palm up。
A slap,Pumped heavily on Huang Mao’s face。
Yellow face,Five bright red finger prints appeared instantly,Even the corners of the mouth are a little bit crooked。
Huang Mao was even more stunned by the smoke!He looked at his boss in disbelief,Muttered:“Knife……Brother knife?”
Brother Dao feels still upset,Raise hand“Slap”Two slaps again!
Some blood stains were drawn from the corners of Huang Mao’s mouth。
The audience was even dumbfounded。
Whether it’s Du Wei、Zhao Xiong、Yellow hair,Lin Ya,Can’t understand……Why did Brother Dao do this?!
What are you doing?